Friday Children In Need Day…

I’m going to a retro arcade event !

Games that I will be playing:

Pacman (currently running Ms Pacman)
Mr Do!
Track and Field
Space Duel
Dig Dug
Crystal Castles
Asteroids Deluxe
Dragons Lair II
Continental Circus
Defender <-- Yep it's working !!! Time Pilot Marble Madness Klax The Invaders (Space Invaders) Joust Galaxian (Multi game fitted) Road Runner Badlands Juno First Centipede Pole Position Scramble Hyper Sports Crazy Kong Gaunlett Galaga Bubble bobble Bomb Jack Arkanoid Pacland Red Baron cockpit Missile Command (not had time to restore the cab but should be playable) + A surprise cab arriving on the day A 'Blast From The Past' (Pun intended) lol